I personally feel as though the development of several forms of media stemming from one, original piece, is a successful marketing tactic. From the point of view from an advertiser, it is a smart and effective decision to be as profitable as possible. Engaging in this expansive development of media can allow for the original concept to flourish and become more recognizable. The creation of ads, billboards, t-shirt designs, all is intertwined with the idea of making profit off of these various forms of media. These forms of media, all involving “The Wizard of Oz” are all separate and unique, yet undeniably related and comprehensive. As our culture and society advance, transmediation only becomes beneficial, to help us bring our memories along with us. To travel over space and time in a successful manner as “The Wizard of Oz” has, is incredible. The original idea is only continuing to gain attention and prevalence as society keeps on crossing it over into a more technological stance.

It is interesting to reflect back and understand how vast a mere piece of literature can become. Over time, “The Wizard of Oz” has become an empire: From a book to a movie, to a theatrical phenomenon, this form of media has developed into one of the most famous and recognizable works of art. Each method of media developed provides a new and distinctive take that provides and offers a different on the same piece of information. The book provides a literary resource and the original thought process. The movie allows for us to visualize the concept in which L. Frank Baum had originally established. “Wicked,” offers an interesting and different expression of the story, one of which we may not have even considered prior to reading that novel, or witnessing the play.

When the original book was published 100 years ago, society was much less demanding. Now that we desire instant gratification, it is essential for companies to continuously provide to prevent the audience from losing interest. Consumption today is fast. To obtain a substantial position in the media, you must remain powerful and innovative. Capturing the intrigue of the audience and holding onto it seems to be a recurring theme in today’s society. In order to maintain this level of reputation and status, companies must move forward in a powerful manner. So what does this mean? This means that in order to sustain the consistency in the media, “The Wizard of Oz,” storyline must be developed into a whole next context. Reach out to a new audience and attempt various web-involved mediums that have yet to be explored. It is important to  obtain demographics and understand where in the media this story is at and where can it go from there? Expansion to multiple forms of media is fundamental to success. It is critical to advertise and market oneself to the best of their ability to gain exposure and positioning in the right place. This perhaps entails the corporate nation taking on a whole new stream of ventures. The possibilities are seemingly endless, however, it is critical to utilize the materials and tools in which technology has provided us with to grow. Growth takes time, persistence and innovation.

But how to we get there?

It has been done before and we can do it again. The desire to expand and retain popularity within the public eye relies on willingness. Willingness to research, to be involved, and to brainstorm. Generating ideas is the key to advancement. Taking a wide array of media tactics  and approaches will be powerful in terms of continuing to cross media over into various channels of communication. Entertainment through personal experience is prevailing, so perhaps audience involvement will allow for progress in multiple ways. Although the storyline of “The Wizard of Oz” has been extended by creations such as “Wicked” and “The Wiz,” however, those can be reevaluated and redeveloped to capture the attention of the audience.  Previously, these separate pieces have been able to bring people together, relating it back to the original concept. The development of social media and technological advancement allows to the opportunities for expansion to grow exponentially. Obtaining skills in software development, or web-based abilities will be essential to keeping up with the fast paced growth in which our society is experiencing.


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